Tout-Terrain is an agency specialized in organizing trips in Venezuela.
Our specialty is the direct approach with nature, animals and different ethnic groups present in the country.

We offer:

  • Circuits ranging from 10 days to 18 days
  • Tours ranging from 3 days to 7 days
  • Organized private circuits according to your preferences
  • Extended stays to relax on Margarita Island or at the archipelago Los Roques

The Tout-Terrain team, with 6 years experience, offers you various trips throughout the year offering the opportunity to see Venezuela’s hidden treasures.

Our sustainable commitment
Venezuela offers 9% of the planet’s biodiversity (according to the NGO Vitalis). The country is ranked 9th in the world for its animals, plants and ecosystems biodiversity and is ranked 7th in the world for its birds biodiversity. Hence, Venezuela is a big natural reserve that we must preserve. Venezuela also has 25 ethnic groups who represent about 3% of the total population (according to the census of 2007).Our circuits and tours will give you the opportunity to see this abundant fauna and flora and to meet the Indian tribes. Tout-Terrain is committed in helping conserving species and preserving the Indian tribes.