Gran Sabana – Canaima –Orinoco Delta (12 days)

1280€/Person for a group of 4 to 5 people
1180€/Person for a group of 6 to 7 people
1080€/Person for a group of 8 or more people
(The circuit can also be arranged for 1, 2 or 3 people)

The price includes:
  • An English speaking guide during the duration of the trip
  • Local guides
  • All the meals (except the ones indicated below)
  • All the accommodations
  • Ground transportations and the domestic flight
The price does not include:
  • The international flight (contact our airline partner
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Meals in Caracas (days 1 and 12) (about 10€ per meal)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
DAY 1: Arrival in Caracas
An English-speaking guide will meet you and the group at the airport. Domestic flight to Puerto Ordaz*. After an hour's drive, we arrive at the hotel. Dinner at your expense.
* If your international flight arrives late to be able to take a flight to Puerto Ordaz, then we will spend the night in a hotel in Caracas and take a flight to Puerto Ordaz the next day early in the morning.
Transport: Plane (about 1hr) and vehicle (about 1hr)
Accommodation: Hotel La Casona – Puerto Ordaz
DAY 2: Araimatepuy, first contact with the Indian population Pemón
Breakfast and transfer by vehicle through the Bolivar state. Lunch in a local roadside restaurant. Arrival at the end of the afternoon at the Indian community Pemón of Araimatepuy. Discovery of the Pemón way of life. Dinner and night at the camp.
Transport: Vehicle (about 7hr)
Accommodation: Camp with hammocks
DAY 3: Arrival at the Pemón Indian community of Paraitepuy
Breakfast and visit to a "casabe" production, which is the traditional Venezuelan bread made from cassava/yuca. Excursion on a 4x4 to the Gran Sabana. Swim at Salto Kawi Cascade and visit to the Kama Merú Cascade. Lunch in a local roadside restaurant. Arrival at the end of the afternoon at the Pemón Indian community of Paraitepuy. Installation in cabins with a wonderful view on Mount Roraima. Dinner at a local resident's home.
Transport: Vehicle (about 5hr)
Accommodation: Cabins with beds
DAY 4: Santa Elena
After breakfast, walk to the observation tower of Paraitepuy (2hr roundtrip) where we will have an incredible view on the Gran Sabana and the Roraima. We return on a 4X4 to San Francisco de Yuruani. Lunch at a local restaurant. Free time to observe the Pemón handcraft. Visit to the Jaspe Cascade, where we can refresh ourselves on these semi-precious rocks. Late afternoon arrival at Santa-Elena, a 10 min drive from the Brazilian border. Free time in the city center. Dinner at a restaurant and night in the inn.
Transport: Vehicle (about 2hr)
Accommodation: Yakoo Inn - Santa Elena
DAY 5: Pemón Community of Kavanayen
After breakfast, we will drive to the Pemón Indian community of Kavanayen, capital of the Gran Sabana. On the way, we will visit the cascade of Pacheco. Lunch at a roadside restaurant. Arrival at the Indian community, which we will visit. Their stone made houses are typical of this community; Capuchin missionaries founded the village in 1943. Dinner and overnight in cabins.
Transport: Vehicle (about 4hr)
Accommodation: Cabins with beds
DAY 6: Chinak Merú, an impressive cascade
Breakfast and excursion on a 4x4. We will drive on a dirt road to the Pemón Camp called Iboribo (about 1hr). There, we will board a motorized boat to navigate on the Aponwao River (30min). We will start our walk (1hr30 roundtrip) to the Chinak Merú Cascade, the highest one on the eastern part of the national park (105 meters high). We return to Iboribo Camp, where we will have lunch in a local restaurant. We will drive back to Las Claritas Village where we will dine and sleep in a inn.
Transport: Vehicle (about 3hr30)
Accommodation: Las Manacas Inn – Las Claritas
DAY 7: Las Claritas – Ciudad Bolivar
Breakfast and drive to Ciudad Bolivar. Lunch in a roadside restaurant. We arrive at the hotel with swimming pool. Free time. Dinner and night at hotel.
Transport: Vehicle (about 6hr)
Accommodation: Hotel La Cumbre – Ciudad Bolívar
DAY 8: Canaima – Salto Angel
Breakfast at hotel and departure to the Ciudad Bolivar airport for the excursion to the Salto Angel in the Canaima National Park. We will take a Cessna plane (1hr flight) and fly over the highest waterfall of the world, the Salto Angel (979 meters high). After landing in the Canaima National Park, we will lunch in a camp on the banks of the lagoon. Excursion by motorized boat to cross the lagoon. We will take a walk (about 1hr) in order to reach the foot of the falls of the park. Visit the Pemón Village of Canaima. Flight back at the end of the afternoon to Ciudad Bolivar.
Transport: Vehicle (about 30min) and plane (2hr roundtrip)
Accommodation: Hotel La Cumbre – Ciudad Bolívar
DAY 9: Arrival at the Orinoco Delta
Breakfast at hotel and drive to the Orinoco Delta. Lunch in a roadside restaurant. Arrival at the river port "Boca de Uracoa" where we embark a motorized boat and navigate (about 1hr30) on the Manamo River to the Warao Camp on the riverbanks. First contact with the flora, fauna and the Delta Warao indigenous population. Local regional dinner and overnight at camp.
Transport: Vehicle (about 3hr)
Accommodation: Camp with beds
DAY 10: Delta exploration and nocturne excursion
After breakfast, we will dedicate the day to explore the Orinoco Delta. Outing by motorized boat and visit to 2 Indian communities who live in huts built upon stilts. Picnic lunch followed by swimming in the river and piranhas fishing. Back at camp at the end of the afternoon. Dinner and night outing to catch, observe and release snakes (e.g. peaks) and caimans with the use of a headlamp. Overnight at camp on stilts.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Camp with hammocks
DAY 11: Flooded forest and Morichal Largo
After breakfast we will walk to explore, see and learn about the flooded forest guided by a local Warao Indian. He will explain to us the medicinal and culinary use of the local trees and plants. Return to camp for lunch. Outing by boat to ride in the magnificent canals of the Morichal Largo. We will be able to observe a large concentration of Moriche palm trees and lots of animal species such as howler monkeys, capuchins monkeys, hoatzins (considered as the oldest modern birds in existence) and freshwater dolphins. Return to camp where we will dine and sleep.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Camp with beds
  DAY 12: Return to Caracas
Breakfast and return by boat to the river port "Boca de Uracoa" (about 1hr30). Drive to Caracas Maiquetia International Airport. Lunch at your expense on roadside restaurant followed by international return flight.
Transport: Vehicle (about 7hr)
Level: Easy
Transport: Regular
Displacement: Walking, canoe, boat, car, plane
Luggage transfer: By car
Accommodation: Hotels, inns and camps

The strengths of this circuit:

  • Visit of the impressive cascades of the Gran Sabana and its tabletop mountains called "Tepuys".
  • Flight over the highest waterfall of the world, the Salto Angel and visit of the Canaima lagoon.
  • Identification of howler monkeys, freshwater dolphins and the discovery of the culture and way of life of the Warao Indians of the Delta.
Depending on the number of participants in the group and date and period of travel, the suggested accommodation in the trip description may change but will be of equivalent class.