Los Llanos – Amazonia (Cuao) – Orinoco Delta – Mochima (15 days)

1380€/Person for a group of 4 to 5 people
1280€/Person for a group of 6 to 7 people
1100€/Person for a group of 8 or more people
(The circuit can also be arranged for 1, 2 or 3 people)

The price includes:

  • An English speaking guide during the duration of the trip
  • Local guides
  • All the meals (except the ones indicated below)
  • All the accommodations
  • Ground transportations and the domestic flight

The price does not include:

  • The international flight (contact our airline partner http://flydiscount.biz/english.html)
  • Travel/medical insurance
  • Meals in Caracas (days 1 and 14) (about 10€ per meal)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
DAY 1: Arrival in Caracas
An English-speaking guide will meet you and the group at the airport, transfer to the hotel. Dinner at your expense.
Transport: Vehicle (about 1hr)
Accommodation: Hotel Ávila – Caracas
DAY 2: Arrival in los Llanos
Breakfast and transfer from the hotel to the airport (about 1hr). Flight to Barinas (about 1hr) and transfer from the airport to the Mantecal camp (about 3hr). Lunch at the camp and first contact with the exotic fauna of the Llanos (caimans, capybaras, iguanas, birds, etc.). Tour of the camp and its surroundings and dinner.
Transport: Vehicle (about 4hr) and plane (about 1hr)
Accommodation: Rooms with beds and hammocks
DAY 3: Immersion in los Llanos
Breakfast and excursion on a motorized boat. Observation of the freshwater dolphins, caimans, big turtles Mata-mata (more than 1m long) and piranhas fishing. Return to camp for lunch and an outing in a Jeep Safari 4x4: viewing and contact with water snakes like anacondas. We also might encounter wild anteaters, tapirs and a large diversity of birds such as the gabán soldado whose height is 1.5m. Return to camp, dinner accompanied with a local music band from the Llanos.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Rooms with beds and hammocks
DAY 4: Horseback riding in the plains
After breakfast, we will horseback to the plains: viewing of howler monkeys, armadillos, birds and much more. Return to camp for lunch and excursion with horses or 4x4 according to your preference, to view the rich fauna for the last time. Return to camp and dinner..
Transport: None
Accommodation: Rooms with beds and hammocks
DAY 5: Arrival at Puerto Ayacucho, capital of Amazonia
After breakfast at the camp, transfer to Puerto Ayacucho. Lunch at a local roadside restaurant. Arrival and visit of the capital city of Amazonia. Installation in the inn with swimming pool and dinner at the inn's restaurant.
Transport: Vehicle (about 5hr)
Accommodation: Manapiare Inn – Puerto Ayacucho
DAY 6: Piaroa Indian community
Breakfast at the inn and transfer by vehicle to the river port of Samariapo where we will embark on board of a bongo, a traditional motorized boat from Amazonia. We will navigate on the Orinoco River and its tributaries (Sipapo river and Cuao river). Lunch picnic on the riverbanks. After 4 hours of navigation, we will arrive at the Piaroa community "Raudal del Danto". We will visit the community and we will have first contact with the Piaroa Indian population. Swim in the Cuao River and installation in the campgrounds on the riverbanks. Dinner.
Transport: Vehicle (about 1hr)
Accommodation: Camp with hammocks
DAY 7: Cerro Cuao
Breakfast and outing by boat (about 45min). We will start walking to the Cerro Cuao until we arrive to a natural toboggan. Lunch picnic, swimming in the river and returning to camp late afternoon (about 5hr walking roundtrip). Option to fish on the riverbanks and dinner at the camp.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Camp with hammocks
DAY 8: River rafting on rapids
Breakfast and river rafting on the river before returning by boat to the port. Lunch picnic on the riverbanks and installation in the inn in Puerto Ayacucho. Dinner at the inn's restaurant.
Transport: Vehicle (about 1hr)
Accommodation: Manapiare Inn – Puerto Ayacucho
DAY 9: Petroglyphs, "Tobogán de la selva" and Panare Indian community
Breakfast and transfer by vehicle (about 45min) to visit the petroglyphs (rock engravings) of Puerto Ayacucho. Swim in another natural toboggan called "Tobogán de la selva". Lunch in a restaurant and we travel by road to the village "Los Pijiguaos" (about 4hr), which is a Panare Indian community. This is the ethnic part of the trip. We will have dinner and sleep there.
Transport: Vehicle (about 5hr)
Accommodation: Camp with hammocks
DAY 10: Conuco
Breakfast and 2 hours walk (roundtrip). Visit to the Conuco (plantation of cassava and other vegetables) and visit to the Panare Indian school. We continue our trip to Ciudad Bolívar. Lunch in a roadside restaurant. Installation at hotel with swimming pool. Dinner at the hotel's restaurant.
Transport: Vehicle (about 5hr)
Accommodation: Hotel La Cumbre – Ciudad Bolívar
DAY 11: Arrival at the Orinoco Delta
Breakfast at the hotel and road trip to the Orinoco Delta. Lunch in a roadside restaurant. Arrival at the river port "Boca de Uracoa" where we embark a motorized boat and navigate (about 1hr30) on the river Manamo to the Warao camp on the riverbanks: first contact with the local population. Visit of a Warao Indian community, swim in the river and return to camp. Local regional dinner and night sleep at camp.
Transport: Vehicle (about 3hr)
Accommodation: Camp with beds
DIA 12: Flooded forest and nocturne excursion
Breakfast and walk to explore, see and learn about the flooded forest guided by a local Warao Indian. He will explain to us the medicinal and culinary use of the local trees and plants. Return to camp for lunch. Excursion in a traditional Warao canoe: ride in the canals to observe the flora and fauna of the Delta and swim in the river. Return to camp for dinner and night outing to catch, observe and release snakes (e.g. peaks) and caimans with the use of a headlamp. Back to camp for the night.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Camp with beds
DAY 13: Arrival on the Caribbean coast
After breakfast, return by boat to the Boca de Uracoa (about 1hr30) and transport by car to the Mochima National Park. Roadside lunch, arrival at the inn. Free afternoon on the beach and dinner in a seaside restaurant.
Transport: Vehicle (about 4hr30)
Accommodation: Santa Fe Resort Inn– Mochima National Park

DAY 14: Beach and coral reefs
After breakfast, boat trip to various islands and beaches, snorkel with diving mask to view coral reefs and marine fauna. Dolphins spotting. Lunch picnic on beach and return in the late afternoon to the inn. Dinner at seaside restaurant.
Transport: None
Accommodation: Santa Fe Resort Inn – Mochima National Park
  DAY 15: Return to Caracas
Transfer to Caracas Maiquetia International Airport. Lunch on roadside restaurant and international return flight.
Transport: Vehicle (about 6hr)
Level: Easy
Transport: Regular
Displacement: Walking, canoe, boat, car, plane
Luggage transfer: By car
Accommodation: Hotels, inns and camps

The strengths of this circuit:

  • Observation of the abundant wildlife of Los Llanos (many birds and caimans among others).
  • Immersion in the largest forest in the world, the Amazonia, and contact with the Piaroa Indian communities with beautiful scenery of Cuao River.
  • River rafting on the rapids of the tributaries of the Orinoco River.
  • Identification of howler monkeys and freshwater dolphins and also the discovery of the culture and way of life of the Warao Indians of the Delta.
  • Excursion on the beaches of Mochima National Park and snorkeling in coral reefs and viewing of marine fauna at the park.

Depending on the number of participants in the group and date and period of travel, the suggested accommodation in the trip description may change but will be of equivalent class.